J. Pasqual Bettio's Biography 

James Pasqual Bettio F.R.P.S.* is an internationally known photographer and educator and winner of over 30 international awards.

His photographs appeared on covers of more than 100 national magazines. He was honored with a *Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain for the creation of the art of Artography, a process that adds texture and depth to photographs

As the founder of Sharing Friends of the Arts with over 2000 members he is much involved in the art world. Many an artist has been trained by him in photography and Artography at the Artography Academy of Photographic Arts now located at his studios at Park Labrea in a campus surrounded by 167-acre garden. The studio is a wonderful example of Pasqual's Environmental Art Combining the skills he acquired over the years with his artistic talent for sculptures, paintings and  assemblages, he created a whole new environment, out of discarded materials.