Under the auspices of Sharing Friends of the Arts, Hollywood International, it is a cultural and educational center located in the heart of Los Angeles on a 167-acre gardened campus at Park Labrea, which is the largest luxury apartment complex this side of the Mississippi.

It is an independent arts association founded by J. Pasqual Bettio, F.R.P.S.

All students at the Art Center are automatic members of the Park Labrea Arts Council and can take advantage of activities and events which contribute to the promotion of their art.  For acurrent schedule of classes, call Sandy Moss at (323) 549-5498 for the art department; the photography department can be reached at (323) 549-2951.

The Park Labrea Arts Council offers the community a variety of activities, from educational, communal and social activities.  The events are open to the public as well as our own residents.

  The Arts Council office is located at 432 S. Curson, Tower 50, Lobby office.  It features ongoing exhibitions of artists from the Park Labrea Art Center, including residents.  For information, please contact the office at (323) 549-5583.

 Volunteers for the Arts

   To become a volunteer and join the Volunteer Leader Coordinators program, please call (323) 549-5583.  Become an active member in our creative community.  Help plan events and staff the Park Labrea Arts Council office.

Children’s Center for the Arts located at 452 S. Curson Ave. offers art classes daily for children of all ages.  Form information, call (323) 549-2967 or (323) 549-5583.


Mommy & Me            520 Burnside, Building 43, Basement, Room 11

   Sponsored by Fairfax Adult Education.  Music, arts and crafts classes. Designed to help parents, grandparents, and care-givers, involved in the care and up-bringing of 2-5 year old children.  For information, call (323) 653-4085.


The Museum of Artography and Assemblage Art was created by J. Pasqual Bettio, F.R.P.S.  He has created art environments which serve as learning centers for photography and the performing arts.  Located at 432 South Curson, Tower 50, Basement Studios, Rooms   11, 16 and 18.


Cotton Candy Theater - 520 Burnside Avenue, Tower 43,  Room11, Basement

   Under the auspices of the Park Labrea Arts Council and OASIS (Older Adult Services), this is a musical theater dedicated to our senior population.  Under the direction of Manny Marcus, a renowned playwright and teacher.  This senior theater workshop develops original material that in turn, is offered to the seniors throughout our community.



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