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History / A Los Angeles First.

J. Pasqual Bettio announces that he will exhibit a show of twenty-two Artography Images depicting the lifestyle of people in our Mid-City, Park Labrea & Los Angeles Regions. He has named the show Global Village. The show is sponsored by Park Labrea Management, the Cultural Affairs Department’s Mid-City Regional Arts Council, and AT&T Broadband.

The event will take place in what Pasqual calls his Skylight Gallery, where all people get to see and experience art.  Photographs, presented in the style of Artography the process he originated, will be displayed on light poles outdoors along Burnside Avenue, starting at Third Street.

Pasqual has been Director of the Arts as well as a resident for the past six years at Park Labrea. Art has made a difference at Park Labrea. Since Pasqual created the idea for the Tower Art and hand-painted Banner exhibitions for Art In The Park, the residents have been living and enjoying their community in a special way. The photographs in this exhibition depict people of all races living together in peace and harmony.

Pasqual is a noted artist-photographer and the creator of the Artography process, which has been heralded as a new art form by the Museum of Science and Industry in 1967, where he had his first one-man show. In 1977 he was awarded one of the highest international awards in photographic art: the Fellowship in the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. In 1994, he founded the Park Labrea Arts Council, an off-spring of Sharing Friends of the Arts, Hollywood International. He is also on the Board of Trustees of the Hollywood Arts Council, as well as a founding member of the Mid-City Regional Arts Council.  He chairs the Arts, Education and Entertainment Committee at the Los Angeles Department of Aging.

Pasqual has won over thirty national and international awards, and his photos have enhanced the covers of more than a hundred magazines. To quote Peter Brown of the L.A. Times, “Bettio is one of the best known of the celebrity photographers in Los Angeles.”

Recently, he was elected to the honorable position of Senior Senator in the California Senior Legislature. Pasqual plans to make the arts a major part of his mission: that art heals the souls of mankind and should be used to create happy lives throughout the world. Park Labrea has been an example of how art enhances a community.

This exhibition has ben e part of the World Tour of the Arts that Pasqual has taken to Europe in October 2000.  The process of Artography has been introduced to the Royal Photographic Society at its Photopractica 2000 in Bath, England.