Artography History

Once photography was but a camera, a flash, and film.  This is no longer true.  Today, thanks to the new, exciting Artography innovations, photography is Art - a revolutionary, important art form with the look, depth, and textures of fine oil or watercolors, elevating the photographer to ARTIST.  Now all can bring out the art in themselves and be able to share art with friends as gifts. Artographs have the look, depth and texture of oil paintings, yet they also have the realism and perspectives that only a camera can give.  The Artographs are composed with a variety of art materials, including oil paints, water colors, enamels, lacquers, gold leaf, and metallic or color antique.  However, many of them are produced on the artist’s canvas and are set in custom finished, velvet-lined artist frames.  The role of the photographer is changing today with all of the new innovations.  It is most important that we are able to use all of the artist’s techniques.  Let the photographer stand knowing the best of art.  With the artographic process, one is given the option to change what the photographer captures, and to take out or add, in order to create perfect color composition or subject matter.  Artography was introduced in 1967 and exhibited by the California Museum of Science and Industry.  It was also exhibited throughout the United States and Europe.  In 1969, we introduced a photographic art service where we gave photographers the opportunity to purchase our service.  Thousands of artographs were produced for the professional  photographer to see for their clients.  Now this process is available to anyone who takes pictures.

We now offer our award-winning processes created by James Pasqual Bettio, F.R.P.S. through our photographic Art Services Department  

1. Artographic Hand-Brush Texturing

2.Artographic Collage

3.Precious Metal Antiquing

4.Heirloom Cameo Miniatures

5.Italian Gold-Leaf Photo Plaques and many more processes.  

Soon we will offer an Artographic Kit® that will allow you to transform your computer or photographic prints. We will also have a book and a How-To-Do-It Video. For us to transform your works into Artography Fine Art Please call for instructions 1-323-549-5583 or e-mail us at  and ask about the custom order.