Don’t miss this opportunity!

Park Labrea Art Center (323) 549-2951
Artography © Division
432 South Curson, Los Angeles, CA 90036

  • You will make photographs like the ones on the other side of this page, even on the first lesson. These photos were taken in our workshops by photography students during their first 10 weeks.
  • Beginners and advanced photographers work together in this apprenticeship program.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity! Audit our class and see for yourself.
  • Your Surest Short Cut to Success in our apprenticeship workshops.Work with the West’s leading pro instructors.
  • Call (323) 549-2951 for a tour of our studios and an appointment/orientation.
  • E-mail us for more information
  • Location and directions

Examples of a graduate of our apprentice program.
The photographs on this page are taken by the apprentice photographers during the first 10weeks.

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