Don’t Miss This Opportunity
Models, Actors, Dancers, Performers

  • Develop your portfolio for the multi-billion dollar industry.
  • We are a professional Photography School - that’s why we are able to offer this program.
  • You receive on the job experience and create the portfolio necessary for you to work: Headshots, Fashion, Theatrical.
  • Learn under the direction of noted international photographer, Founder J. Pasqual Bettio,, F.R.P.S, (Fellow Royal Photographic Society) creator of Artography® process.
  • Learn by doing in our apprentice workshops.
  • Work with photographers and industry support people.
  • Learn from the Pros: Photographers, Make-up & Hair Artists, Stylists, Designers, Agents, Art Directors & Set Designers. Get work experience you can only get on a job.
  • Have individual bookings in our studio and on location with photographers.
  • Get a taste of the real industry with our photographers.
  • Your image will be seen in one of the largest art shows in Los Angeles.
  • Call (323) 549-5583 for more information and an appointment. Park Labrea Art Center, Peformers Division 432 South Curson, Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • Or e-mail us for more information


Successful Graduate Students and Models of Artography

Bethany Owen

Lucia is a fine example of one of our graduates. She came to us without any photographic training.  In our "learn by doing workshops," she became a professional photographer and built an amazing portfolio which you will be able to see on her website. 

We offer our students and graduates use of our unique rental  studios for their clients.

  Receive free photo sessions for modeling with our photographers.
Call 1-323-549-5583



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