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Sharing Friends of the Arts Hollywood International is about art, how artists uplift culture, inspire values promoting peace and freedom, and give immeasurable benefit to mankind. By constantly drawing the resources of all artists regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or age, we encourage the capacity of creativity, which is key io the richness ogf our culture. Sharing Friends has used this formula for 3 decades in it's home community of Hollywood California, always working in partnership with organizations who likewise value the handwork of the artist.The result has been alliance, which has expanded to the treshold of an international community

Founder, Sharing Friends of the Arts, Hollywood International, J. Pasqual Bettio and Chairman of the Board, Jerry Schneiderman, at the Hollywood Arts Council's Charlie Awards 2001. Pasqual received the Spirit of the Arts Award.


The Hollywood Hills have always been a place favored by artists. In 1979, a group of friends among them formed themselves into a group and christened it "Sharing Friends of the Arts". The group included prominent artists of the time such as: Marvin T. Hatley, a composer noted for writing the theme for the Laurel and Hardy show, The Inglewood High School theme song, and many a score for the Hollywood's silent films. The author Harold Robbins and his then wife Grace, whose fame went far beyond Hollywood, and whose famous parties were so notable that unless you were invited, you were considered a non persona in the Hollywood world. It was a dynamic group that attracted many artists to their mission, so clearly stated by the name they chose to be known as. They took their title literally, and sharing they did.

 Mr. Hatley, apart from being a composer, was also a keen gardener; an inventor with a Magpie tendency of collecting what others discarded as trash. The source of this collection were his famous neighbors such as Alberto Burri, the great Italian abstract artist, and his wife Minsa Craig Burri, a modern ballet choreographer and dancer. Rudie Valley the "Heart throb" singer of his days. The neighborhood group included Mr. Lanser, a Producer and Director, Pasqual Bettio, Photographer and innovator of the art of Artography, Joe Cassini, Choreographer/Dancer, Jerry Simms, Commercial Director, and from the general Business world, Mr. & Mrs. Parks, and many others. After the closure of Pasqual Bettio's Photography school, and he befriended Mr. Hatley whose collection inspired him to create a studio in a garage on Woodrow Wilson Drive, which became a favorite drop in place for the neighborhood and with people bringing in their unwanted "trash". When Sid Kroft was clearing his warehouse, truckloads of stuff arrived, which Pasqual has turned into a series of assemblage sculptures.

It was through these contacts and activities that Pasqual became involved with Sharing Friends of the Arts, which he has kept going ever since. Sharing Friends of the Arts, Hollywood International has grown over the years with many thousand artists joining with the aim of helping other artists, sharing knowledge, and coming together on many occasions in public exhibitions and performances. It encompasses all forms of the art, from visual to performing art, from classical to the experimental. The most important aspect is sharing among the artists and sharing the art with the public at large. For art should be easily accessible to all as it educates, brings joy and inspiration into life.

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